We take the effort out of loan comparison shopping

Looking to get a loan today? You’ve come to the right place. Approved Cash is a free loan referral service, we connect you with high-quality lenders in your area fast.

Our system finds only your top 3 local loan matches, so you won’t be harassed by spam calls from dozens of banks.

Your information is safe with us — We never expose any sensitive information to unauthorized service, nor do we resell it to third parties.


How Approved Cash Works

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    Fill Out Your Loan Request

    Tell us what type of loan you need — mortgage, auto, student, personal, home improvement, home equity, or debt consolidation — and your zip code. Then, let us know your name, email, phone number, and the amount you need. Approved Cash will handle the rest. Don’t worry — submitting a request will not affect your credit score.


    Your Approved Cash Loan Agent Will Contact You

    After giving us your information, your loan agent will contact you with your offer within 24 hours. Then, you can get your loan and start using it! To get started, head to our loan request form here.


    Your Information is Safe With Approved Cash

    Rest assured that your information is safe with us. We only work with licensed loan officers and submit your request to no more than 3 lenders.

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What Loans Can You Get With Approved Cash?

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Why Choose Approved Cash For Your Loan?

  • Flexible Loan Options

    Not all lending referral services are the same. Some only offer a few loan choices, while others give your information to every lender on the planet — meaning you get bombarded with pushy phone calls day-in and day-out. Approved Cash puts you first by matching you only to the best loan options in your local area. We are driven to get the money you need into your hands as soon as possible.

    Whether you’re attending college, buying a home, consolidating your debt, starting a business, or getting a personal loan, Approved Cash has one of the largest networks of lenders in the country and can get you the funding you need fast.

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    Auto, Mortgages, Student, Personal ,Business, Refinancing, Home equity, Debt consolidation and Home improvement loans
  •  Privacy, Safety, and Security

    Sick of being harassed by banks trying to push loans on you, even when you tell them “no”? Approved Cash is different. Once you request a loan using our form, no more than 3 lenders receive your request. Then, your lenders contact you on your terms. Our system ensures you are matched only with your best loan options.

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    Your information is secure with us
  • Lightning-Fast Loan Processing

    Just submit your loan request, sit back, and wait. Your lender will process your request and contact you with an offer within 24 hours.

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    you can save money on a loan using our free matching service
  • Reliable, Affordable Rates

    Approved Cash gets you the best rates on your loans, period. With the ability to get multiple quotes within minutes, comparison shopping has never been easier. And you’re the prize here — lenders are competing for your business, meaning lower rates for you!

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    you can work with local lenders no matter where you live
  • Local Lending

    Local lenders often have lower fees and rates than national lenders, and they’re easier to work with. Plus, they’re always nearby if you have questions about your loan. Thanks to our nationwide network of loan officers, you can work with local lenders no matter where you live

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    you can work with local lenders no matter where you live
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Are You A Mortgage Lender Or Licensed Loan Officer Looking For Leads?

What Does
Approved Cash Do?

Approved Cash isn’t a lender. We’re a loan referral service — we take the effort out of comparison shopping for you by matching you with several licensed lenders near you. No need to browse around the Internet and get quotes — we can help you find great rates on all types of loans.

Are You a Mortgage Lender or Licensed Loan Officer Looking For Leads?

We can offer you a consistent stream of exclusive warm leads at a low cost. We can connect you to qualified local leads for auto loans, business loans, debt consolidation, mortgages, personal loans, refinancing, and student loans. Our contact rates average over 85%.
As a member, you can create and manage ad campaigns for your local area to acquire more leads for your business.
And since we limit our services to local areas, you won’t have to compete on a national level with larger lenders.
Ready to take advantage of our low-cost lender membership? Leads are actively searching for lenders like you.