How Approved Cash Works can make it fast and easy to find the perfect loan officer for your next loan. Using our loan referral service of lenders that are screened & licensed for the type of loan you are looking for.

We screen all loan officers in the Mortgage, Auto, Business, Personal, and Student loan industry.

We also can help with matching you with:

  • Auto Purchase loan referral service

  • Auto Refinance referral service

  • Business Loan referral service

  • Debt Consolidation referral service

  • Debt Relief referral service

  • Home Equity loan referral service

Car auto loans
  • Home Purchase loan referral service

  • Loan referral service

  • mortgage lead referral service

  • Personal Home Refinance referral service

  • Reverse Mortgage referral service

  • Student Loan referral service

. Our long list of lenders will contact you when you fill out a very simple contact form here. Use Our patent-pending network of lenders today.


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    Rest assured your information is in confidence with us. We only work with licensed loan officers and submit to three of our lenders in our network.

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    Your information is safe with us. We only send your request to 3 lenders so that your phone doesn't blow up with calls. you give us on the form.

  • ApprovedCash will help verify your licensed loan officers
    Licensed Agents

    We only work with licensed loan officers. We thoroughly screen each one so you only work with the best agents.

How approved cash works for licensed lenders

we refer you to the right lead

as a lender, you can gain access to a consistent lead source by joining approved cash's network of lenders. once you join, you'll ne able to find and directly contact local leads for a variety of loan types as mentioned above. we only accept licensed loan officers.

  • 1. register for membership

    head over to our agent register page and fill out your lender application form. double-check your license number for accuracy to ensure a smooth application process.

  • 2. wait for approval

    we will review and approve your application as soon as possible

  • 3. log in to your account

    once we approve your application, you can log in to your account

  • 4. familiarize yourself with the member's area

    look around your lender portal and familiarize yourself with all of the features.

  • 5. Contact Leads

    When a borrower submits a loan request, we screen the request for duplicates, then submissions we approve become leads. you can view your leads right in your login portal. you can filter these leads ny zip code, loan type, and loan amount to find leads that match your criteria. once you find your best leads your can reach out to them dirctly using the email or phone number they provided. you can also download your list of leads for your convenience.

 we refer you to right lead

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