Home Improvement Loans

Need extra cash to fix up or improve your home? Approved Cash can help you.

What is a Home Improvement Loan?

Whether it’s repairs from storm damage or renovations to create your dream home, home improvement costs a lot of money.


And between bills, groceries, and other expenses, many people struggle to save up for these home expenses.


A home improvement loan provides you a way to finance repairs, renovations, or upgrade to your home. In general, they are unsecured loans — meaning, you don’t have to put down collateral to get one. However, you can find secured loans as well if you want a lower interest ratee and some better terms.

What Can I Use My Home Improvement Loan For?

As mentioned before, home improvements loans can be used for any kind of home repair or improvement expenses.


Here are some specific examples of ways you can use a home improvement loan.

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  • Renovating your kitchen or bathroom

  • Repairing your roof after a hail storm

  • Adding new rooms to your house

  • Upgrading your plumbing systems

Should I Get a Home Improvement Loan?

If part of your home needs repairs, or if you’re looking to make some renovations, but you’d rather spread the cost out over time than pay up front, a home improvement loan will suit you well.


With a home improvement loan, you can stretch your budget further and enjoy your upgrade home now instead of later — all for an easy monthly payment.

How Do I Get a Home Improvement Loan?

First, find out how much your home improvement project will cost. Then, decide how much money you’re willing to spend. If your project cost is greater than your budget, you can get a home improvement loan for the difference.


Then, visit our site and submit your request through our form using that amount. Make sure to specify that you want a home improvement loan.


Our system will match you with a lender within 24 hours.


Once you go through us to get matched with a local lender, you will speak to your lender about your loan. After finalizing your loan terms with the lender, they will send the loan funds to you via check or direct deposit into your bank account — whichever way you prefer.


Now, you can use your loan to pay for your home improvement project. You’ll then start paying back your lender on your debt consolidation loan monthly.

What Do I Need to Get a Home Improvement Loan?

You’ll need to bring several documents/pieces of information to apply for and get a home improvement loan that fits your needs.


  • Collateral: Are you getting a secured home improvement loan? You’ll need to put down collateral. You can use anything with value as collateral, as long as its valuable enough to get you the loan amount your need. Your collateral could be your car, some of your home equity, a savings account, your investments, or valuable items like jewelry.

  • Cosigner: If you have poor credit, you’ll likely need a cosigner. A cosigner is a family member that signs on the loan with you — agreeing to be responsible for any loan payments if you can’t make them.

  • Credit report: Lenders need to see your credit score so they can determine how risky you are as a borrower. You don’t have to bring your report, though, as the lender can access it from their end. That said, improve your credit score as much as possible to get the best rates — especially if you’re getting an unsecured home improvement loan. Also, be prepared for a hard inquiry (formal credit check), which dings your credit score for a while.

  • Identification: For most loans, including home improvement loans, you’ll need to bring two forms of government ID. Your driver’s license and a utility bill are common and easy choices.

  • Proof of address: Utility bill covers this as well. However, you can also use proof of insurance documents for your homeowner’s insurance (or another relevant policy) or your voter registration card.

  • Proof of income and employment: Pay stubs can prove both your income and employment status. Form W2s can as well. That said, some lenders will want an employer verification letter from your company. Some lenders may want to see your employer’s contact details, too. If you’re self-employed, bank statements, 1099s, and tax returns can prove your income and employment status.

Why Should I Get a Business Loan Through Approved Cash?

Through Approved Cash, finding lenders in your area that offer low rates and excellent terms on home improvement loans. Just head to our home page and submit your name, contact information, and loan details. It takes less than 60 seconds. Then, our system does everything for you — matching you to the top home improvement lender matches in your area.


We know how frustrating it is to get harassed non-stop by a hundred lenders using pushy phone sales tactics. Approved Cash only sends you request to 3 lenders so they can compete for your business — meaning lower rates for you — without blowing your phone up with calls.

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