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Are you looking for quality mortgage leads? Approved Cash is your source of warm, local leads at a low cost. When you join the Approved Cash lender networ, you gain access to a database of leads in your area that you can contact. Plus, you can create ads that we place on the second page of our loan request for (where borrowers end up after submitting their loan type and zip code).

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How it Works

Approved Cash essentially makes it easier for borrowers to find qualified lenders on the Internet.

  • Borrow fills out simple form on our Home Page with Name, Email, Phone Number, Location, Loan Type and Amount

  • Submitted info is verified it is not a duplicate and added to our database

  • Log into your dashboard and search leads by location, loan type and requested amount

  • Download and reach out to your new hot leads

Each lead goes to no more than 3 loan officers. That means minimal competition for you. When you’re ready to reach out to a lead, you can contact them via the email address or phone number they provided.

Our Leads

  • Qualified

    Hot leads qualified are hard to come by these day

  • Hot and Ready

    Leads submitted are instantly verified they are not duplicates and available to you in seconds

  • Minimal Competition

    Each lead is only available to 3 different loan agents ensuring limiting your competition to close the deal

What Kinds of Loans Does Approved Cash Offer?


Approved Cash offers a wide array of loans so that we can provide you with as much opportunity as possible to acquire new leads. We can help you gain new leads for any of the following loans:

Auto loan leads

Business loan leads

Debt consolidation loan leads

Home loan leads

Refinancing loan leads

Home equity loan leads

Mortgage leads

Personal loan leads

Student loan leads

Title loan leads

  • Are you ready for a low-cost source of warm leads?