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How The Program Works A person looking for a loan will find our web site and fills out our Request form on our site, allowing you the "loan lender" to contact them. The Loan Request is provided as an alternative to searching loan officers on the internet. 


When the person completes a Loan Request like: 

Auto Purchase loans
Home Purchase loans
Personal loans
Home Refinance loans
Student Loan loans
Title loans

Business loans
Home Equity loans
Reverse Mortgage loans
Debt Relief loans
Auto Refinance loans
Debt Consolidation loans


It becomes a lead. The lead is then automatically screened for accurateness and duplicate leads are deleted from our Lead Generation websites back end.

You will need to login in our database and search by zip code or "zip radius" loan type and amount looking to borrow. If the information provided by the person matches all your loan requirements, you are able to download the lead.

Each Loan Request is only offered to no more than three loan officers or lending companies, and that reduces your competition. You contact the person directly by phone or by e-mail with your contact info. 

Best of luck.



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